The Many Uses of Drone Photography

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Drone in flight

The tiny propellers whir to life and lift the body of the craft into the air. There is very little sound once the zephyr has reached altitude. The drone balances the camera on an articulating, self-correcting gimbal. The images it gathers are ones that a few years ago would have cost you several thousands of dollars to get. Today, you stand next to the pilot, firmly placed on earth, as this modern marvel gives you the bird’s eye view you have always needed.

You could be getting any number of tasks accomplished.

Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial drone photography provides stunning views of real estate, land, and architectural work. It helps highlight the beauty found only in the big picture. The higher you go, the more information you can gather. This allows for overlays showing property lines and even the proximity of water to homes and buildings.

In the case of construction, it is useful to a do flyover and mark out the property boundary lines. This can aid developers in placing drainage, fences, landscaping and the home or building itself.

Aerial Drone Videography

Very few things sell a home or business like aerial drone videography. Car lots, landscaping, realty, home building sites and anything that can be observed from above can benefit from a video flyover. With a video of future building sites, real estate or small business, your promotional efforts will be much more eye-catching.

When customers see the business in motion from a bird’s eye view they gain a sense of scale. It helps remove the problem of missing the forest for the trees.

Roof, Property and Livestock Inspection

Aside from marketing assets and promotional materials, drone video and photography offers an opportunity to inspect and observe roofs, cattle, property and oilfield pipelines.  A single pilot can view and observe property from a distance with less travel and fewer man-hours. The video and photographs produced are high quality and allow for a view that would be very expensive otherwise.

Once the drone lands and the video and photographs are downloaded you can be sure the assets will be high quality, beautiful and useful. If you are interested in our drone services please contact us.